Our Products

Initial Consultation and Planning Session - FREE

The purpose is to discuss website layout, design and content of proposed website with you, the customer, providing me with all script to be used in the site.

Web Design and Creation - $500.00 (one-time fee)

One-half is due at time you hire us and the balance is due upon the website creation and hosting on the World Wide Web. This is a one-time fee.

Annual Maintenance of Website - $480.00 annual fee

This fee is due at the creation of the website and annually thereafter.

Multi-Media Options and Add-Ons Available

Multimedia adds another dimension to your website by providing interesting visual or audio based materials to your website. In addition, audio and video content publishing with social media sites (YouTube, iTunes, Flickr) has the additional advantage of reaching out to established communities that may be interested in your business, organization or project.

Rotating Banners - $100.00

This is a feature that allows the main site banner to rotate through a series of images instead of remaining on a single, static image. This banner can also contain a drop down box that contains text. The banner can rotate into the next image using a variety of effects.

Image and Video Galleries - $100.00 per gallery

Galleries of images and videos are becoming an increasingly popular way to present information to your visitors. Galleries can hold up to 100 photos.